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Now Available!

2020 Update

3rd Edition of the SKI-HI Language Development Scale


The much-awaited 3rd edition of the SKI-HI Language Development Scale (LDS) is now available. The scale is used in partnership with families to identify and discuss the language progress of the child so that the child will have ongoing appropriate programming and full language access in order to be ready for preschool.  The same basic administration and scoring procedures are still in the 3rd edition, but very helpful new and updated information has been added.  For example, new American Sign Language (ASL) milestones have been added to more effectively assess the early development of ASL.  These milestones are of great importance to Deaf Mentors and Parent Advisors as they work with families and children who are acquiring ASL.

        The 3rd edition can be used with any child/family in early intervention using any communication approach including Listening and Spoken Language (LSL), Cued Speech, Simultaneous Communication (“Total Communication”), ASL, and ASL/English Bilingualism.  The scale is easy to use and research based.

        Some of the other updates/new information in the 3rd edition include: specific definitions and examples, updated references, additional data report options, sharing results with families, and ASL principles, rules, and gloss referred to in the scale.  Both the instruction manual and scale (individual test form) are illustrated.

Individual Test Form (26 pages):  $2.50/ea                                            Instruction Manual (62 pages): $18

SKI-HI Language Development Scale Individual Test Forms (#402) includes additional test forms. 602 Spanish version has not yet changed.

SKI-HI Language Development Scale Booklets (#401) much-awaited 2020 Edition. 602 Spanish version has not yet changed.