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Especially for Parents in Early Intervention Programs (181 pages) Handbook of thought-provoking ideas and suggestions, many from parents who are in Early Intervention    
For Parent Advisors: Partners in Early Intervention (265 pages) Handbook of practical advice for parents and parent advisors including working together sensitively and understandingly, working with other professionals, and much more.    
Grandparents Caring for Young Children with Special Needs: A Labor of Love (71 pages) Special challenges of grandparent caring for children with special needs are discussed as well as advice from parent advisors who have worked with grandparents.  
Historical Del Desarrollo Del Niño: History of the Development of the Infant in Spanish (8-page form)    
Initial Case History and Development Profile: For Young Children Who Are Deaf and Hard of Hearing (7-page form)  
Parent Advising Reflections (16 pages) A booklet of home visit experiences from SKI-HI and INSITE parent advisors that are thought-provoking and inspirational.  
SKI-HI Cuaderno De Los Padres: SKI-HI Parent Notebook in Spanish (53 pages) A notebook for parents to record the development of the child who is deaf/hard of hearing in various developmental areas.  
Working Together on Early Intervention Teams (78 pages) Ideas to assist team members to work effectively and enjoyably together.